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Both Infuriating and Addictive Games.

Absolutely fuming at the moment.
Arcade Pool is *the* most annoying game ever.
9.5hrs straight and I didnt win *once*.
Roughly 400 games in a row, without winning once (computer lost a few times, but thats different to winning).
After 3hrs I was sick of it, but after playing a game for so long without winning once (game only lasts upto about 90 seconds) I persisted, and persisted, and persisted. Started at 10.15pm, its now 7.45am.
So freaking peeved at the moment that I was physically ill.

I dont remember it being so damn hard. Perhaps the demos where different (Ive been playing Amiga Format cover disk demo version). The computer cheats too, which is a little irritating. I dont say this cos of being frustrated at the moment, it actually does cheat. Gives itself and extra turn here and there, pulls off absolutely ridiculous shots (balls bouncing off other balls, bouncing off other balls, which bounce of other balls which angle a ball into a pocket.
Despite this though I bet I try again later. It's an off mix of addictive and infuriating to the nth degree.
Finally gave up as my amiga was soooo very close to getting stabbed to death.

Anyone else ave any games that have got them so riled? I suspect more simplistic games have this effect as there's no room to think, or variety, so the anger just builds and builds.

heh, just saw myself in the mirror. I have veins throbbing in my foreead, which is a new look for me.

so freaking pissed......
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