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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
The thing I've always missed the most in AMOS was some kind of "Select-case" block support. In my case (writting text adventures) working with "On... gosub" sentences and zillions of "If... then" lines does work, but is slooow and awkard ^_^' I don't think AMOS actually needs more modern niceties usually found in current OOP languages, but a "Select... Case" sentence was almost a standard of most BASIC type languages of its own era which would make author's lifes way easier!
Unfortunately that isn't really possible to do in an extension. You can't write new program flow statements. At least, there's no documented way to do it as far as I know.

I found writing a text editor without resizable arrays was a bit of a challenge. In fact cases where you might want an arbitrary number of objects are fairly common. One of the things that forced me over to asm to begin with was an inability to load procedures in from disk... Mr Beanbag's game engine stores the code to handle the bad guys in the data for the levels they appear on.

I have an extension with an early version of Mr Beanbag's scrolling routines in, I might dust that off at some point.

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