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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
If anyone finds that AMOSPro comes up a little short of their requirements, I have written a few extensions to the language for my own personal use, so if there are any new commands anybody wants, I might be able to provide.

I'm currently working on some code for linked lists, which I was contemplating working into an AMOSPro extension. The lack of dynamic arrays was always a bit of a bind, as well as the only way to reserve memory being by using memory banks, which are limited in number.
The thing I've always missed the most in AMOS was some kind of "Select-case" block support. In my case (writting text adventures) working with "On... gosub" sentences and zillions of "If... then" lines does work, but is slooow and awkard ^_^' I don't think AMOS actually needs more modern niceties usually found in current OOP languages, but a "Select... Case" sentence was almost a standard of most BASIC type languages of its own era which would make author's lifes way easier!

Thinking of all these things I took a look this morning into the AMOS factory, where I hadn't dropped by for quite long, and found some exciting news!

Exciting news at the AMOS factory

This could open a wide range of posibilities!

Originally Posted by alkis21 View Post
Well, my story is, I made an Amiga game about three years ago. Nobody seemed to care or even bother to try it, so I took the hint and never made another one.
I feel a bit silly telling you this right after amigapd has done the same, but I actually tried the game and, as I publicly stated here at least a couple of times (as this one) I enjoyed it a lot! So it wasn't strictly "nobody"

I can sympathize with your posture, anyway. Lack of feedback can be as painful and frustrating as a negative review. In fact, a bad review shouldn't even be necessaryly painful if it is honest, goes to the point, and avoids any hostile or dismissing tone... but in our case, silence can kill.
I could count on one hand's fingers the comments and bug reports on my Amiga Christmas Story text-adv, so at least I knew a few people out there had played it, but when I first announced Haunted House Remix no one even blinked and I had the very nasty feeling that it had gone totally unnoticed.
It wasn't true, of course, later on I received messages from people mentioning it, so they were aware of its existence (uuf!), some of them even found it interesting (heey!) and a few even liked it (yaaay!!!). Still, I could count the comments on one hand...
Net forums tend to be some quite endogamic playgrounds. Often, if you're not into some circle of regulars people would act as if you don't exist or, in some extreme cases, would make you feel like a monkey talking to a wall. Several experiences of that last extreme kind at different sites made me take a rest of it all and try to get some perspective.
In our case, "perspective" includes how many times we have tried some homebrew stuff without giving feedback to the authors, or whether, and we could debate about it, we are doing this kind of stuff just for our own enjoyment or we do care, and how much we care, about our estimated target opinions about it. I'm not sure where the balance point is, if it exists at all.

Aaah, so many things to think about...
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