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Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
Ae people still that excited they still buy Amiga hardware now days? Or do they just rely on emulation like Cloanto software to the same job? Given PC is up to speed.
Back in the 90s I bought one of the first C64 emulators. cc64 it was called. I also got a parallell port adapter and transferred all my c64 disks to d64. Was wonderful to have everything so convinient. But i missed the joysticks, and the feel wasn't the same. And then the disk crashed and I lost all my d64's..

When i came back to "retro" it was through the cd32 and the c64dtv. I wanted something that felt more like it. But while i liked the dtv it didn't have the same feeling as the real thing, and the cd32 limited me.

Now i only do real hardware, with diskdrive emulation and such. But I do have real drives too if i need that. A bit of "best of both worlds". And I'm in no fear of hardware breaking, i got spares. and there are skilled people on the boards that can fix most anything

Not to mention I don't find general amiga hardware "rare as hens teeth". While it isn't in every store, you find a selection in any classified magazine. Many looking to turn their posessions into gold, but also good deals.
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