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A bit of a misconception there though too.
There's no need to use a crt monitor at all, let alone something like a 1084.

Not everyone is interested in loading another entire OS and having it host AmigaOS either. It distorts the feel. This can be stripped back somewhat so Windows loads amigaos straight away after its loaded, but its still not the same. It's still using DirectX and you can really "feel" that.

There's 101 reasons for a lot of people why Winuae, despite being a great bit of software will never replace a real amiga.
Im sure some people will get this (proabably not those that use emulators exclusively), but the smell and feel of the hardware will never be replicated with an emulator.

You can paint/disguise anything to appear like something else, but the real enthusiast is very aware that its not the real deal, ergo not always interested.
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