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Quirky Beta version in the Zone

I wrote this a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago, it a small puzzle game that I thought was wrecked by my many hard drive losses, but managed to salvage it today.

its basic, because i didn't go any further with it.

Simple game, its based on Zoop, use the keyboard cursor keys to move your character in the centre, you will know what direction your character will fire by the wire arrows.

Idea is to clear the grids by matching up the same letter as your letter in the centre.

if you match one, it clears it. If theres more than the same letter in the line, it clears them all.

if its the wrong letter, it swaps the letter around so you can use that new letter to clear somewhere else.

Object of the game is to stop the columns of letters encroaching onto the area you can move around in.

Its obviously basic, it needs refining and better goals, but obviously if some graphic artists want to help with that, would encourage me to continue with it.

Please playtest and let me know.

Any bugs are from 1997, so if it doesn't work on your machine, be kind, I haven't touched the source coded for nearly 15 years!

Quit key is one of the first Function keys if I remember correctly.
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