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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
The actual latest english release HAS the bug STILL
Latest? There is only one english "release". The one on the Thalion Webshrine (v1.07). It was an unreleased BETA which the authors (who are friends of mine) sent me in 1998/9. And it is the one with the bug.

I provided all the easy info I to hand to help "find" these bugs and Meynef on his own (and several others before) have done sterling work to patch and fix them.

The original bugs were found and patched by a russian Amiga coder (name escapes me) in 1999/2000, then a user called Hexxae helped find lots more in 2001 and patch a few more. These two patches were never ever distributed because I never found the time to play the game with them applied from start to finish. A bit crap I know.

The hardest one to patch I don't think I documented, i've got the details for it somewhere on an old backup. It is a bug with Sensries Key where in all versions it does not open the tunnel. I've got what bytes must be patched in all versions of both files (cpu & blit) somewhere....

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