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Re: RCK: GBA question

Originally posted by Akira
Any recommendations for my next buy? I already have two racers, so it's gotta be something else
The GBA rocks, I love it
now, I got the new batch of the GBA dev kit (Flash Advance Turbo), and there is no problem at all with it, one great point for dev. The GBA demos & PD games scene have just started since the last two months, so the production are not quite advance for the moment.

The demos looks like short tech performance, and the public games are really basic (bomberman, tetris...)
I'm waiting for the real dev, imagine one full time demo (5 min), with special effects and mp3 sound ?
I hope there will be some great parties (competition) about the GBA scene, like the POM98 & POM99 we got for the N64.

About my recommendations about your next game, you should buy one of my favourite one

- Castlevania - Circle of the Moon: One excellent game ! great music, great gameplay, great non linear adventure, a little bit RPG (XP, items...) : one must have finished game !

- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2: Another very good game, nice music track, full speed and all the THPS2 N64 tricks ! (the pre-rendered sprite in 3D are really impressive)

- Rayman Advance: Classic but great. Excellent realisation.

- Super Street Fighter II X Revival: Incredible game !!! the coding is perfect, the fight is perfect, number 1 ! (if you like SF2)

- Pac-Man Collection: My favourite retro gaming game ! 4 pac-man in 1 !!! including "pacmania" and "pac-attack" ! you should not miss the new pacman (classic) updated ! full of new feature like speed arrow, magic items, on "can't die" game.

- Mario Kart Super Circuit: I hope everybody know it... 40 circuits, excellent gameplay, excellent multi-players battle, excellent game.

and what's next ? in the following months, don't miss:
- Mario Advance 2 (aka Super Mario World SNES)
- Wario Land 4
- Golden Sun (RPG)
- Magical vacation (RPG)

recommended GBA scene website:
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