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Originally Posted by attila06 View Post

I have a little problem
I'm using classicWb and i changed the end of my startup-sequence like this:

Resident Execute Remove
Resident Assign Remove


cd DH0:xbench/
execute >nil: xbench.exe

EndCLI >nil

The Xbench starts everytime even when i press the DEL key

An idea?
I don't like starting Xbench this way but I tried it anyways (using the startup-script I posted earlier) just to see if it works. Holding DEL at bootup does indeed start Workbench, it works here.

The contrary wouldn't be better ?
Starting on WB normally and pressing a key to the start for Xbench ?
This would be a silly idea IMHO. Not everybody likes to launch Xbench that way, I prefer a seperate startup-script so I have the maximum amount of memory free and I like to keep my startup-sequence nice and tidy.
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