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This hardware really seems like a good idea. I guess you would downgrade to 7Mhz for floppy games and then have it on 50mhz to boot and launch HDD stuff. This project reminds me a lot of the old Derringer 030 board, which I bought for my A500 as soon as they came out in the early 90's (as well as a Bodega Bay). Cost me about £250 - £300 as I recall as they were top notch units and quite rare. The Derringer had a DIL socket on there as well as an 030/50 + a 25/50mhz FPU, and a large SIMM socket that could hold probably around 8meg. It was FAST! - faster than an A3000 030, and 100% compatable. In fact I remember I once pulled out the 25mhz clock/crystal chip and replaced it with a 33mhz one - it went even faster! (I may have even installed a 50mhz clock after that...)

When installing you had to pull out the 000 and install it into the DIL socket on the board. There was some kind of key-activated toggle (I think) to swap the 000 for the 030 CPU on reboot. It was also MAPROM compatable so the roms would kick from ram. The DIL legs on the underside of the board were rigid (not bendy like the 000 cpu legs) and if you broke one of those legs it was practically game over. It was an amazing piece of kit, but VERY rare these days.

Of course the Derringer board (whilst legendary) didn't take 64+MB memory (maybe 16MB max), didn't have an SD socket or PATA IDE socket, and didn't have a Freeze function (I think it had a real-time clock though). For me, I'd certainly appreciate USB port(s) on the new board as then this opens the door for external HDDs and portable memory sticks, xbox and other USB joysticks and controllers, printers (seems they're all USB these days), modems, and of course things like 19-in-one multi-card-flash/SD readers (so your boot drive can easily be swapped/upgraded without having to open the computer). Sadly this would circumvent the need for a super-fast IDE port, but the space (and pinouts) could be used for a SATA port maybe? Or better, USB 3.

Mr.Vince, you have certainly provoked major interest with this labour of love - with a large number of interested people from this thread (this site) alone. There is certainly a market out there for this kind of equipment, and if you don't get enough interest to fullfil a large batch, I'm more than sure Amikit (or other) would buy any surplus stock and trade the item for you.

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