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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
If that's the only intention... yes, you could do that. Looking at the price for a production run (easily EUR 20k or more), it might make more sense to work _with_ the original team to enhance it and make further products possible.

Otherwise it's just a way of killing it right after the first batch. I don't see how it would pay off, if there'd be e.g. five projects competing to deliver e.g. 30 boards each.
I try not to think about it in terms of competing projects; the possibilities are unlimited... It's just that maybe by just changing the IO ports around some different uses may be possible. At least one example comes to mind using the 40-pin IDE header on the board: instead of using all pins, a couple can be used for a SD card reader (connected internally thru IDE), and the rest for something else such as a floppy emulator connected to the motherboard floppy connector...

The very same firmware could be used to build a 68020/68030 or even a PPC board for the A500, based on the original board design.

But I agree that it would be better for now to work together with the original team...
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