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Tested. Jens you are great. Thanks for still supporting the ACA1230/56.

You know that with my configuration (Amikit) I coudn't make Acatune to recognize the ACA; "card not supported".

You've made it now to recognize it ... I've got to try different combinations, but my question is why it says it's a 1230/28 while it's an ACA1230/56. Although I suposse it won't affect it.

Edit: With that command I was getting 18.70mips with SysSpeed, the same that without Acatune. Now with:

C:ACATune -maprom * -z2cache on -fastchip on -fastz2 on -cache on -burst on >NIL:
I've got 18.78.

Edit: Finally I've left:
C:ACATune -maprom * -fastmem on -chipcache on -z2cache on -fastchip on -fastz2 on -cache on -burst on >NIL:
Although I get Data burst as off.

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