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New ACAtune V1.7


this version of ACAtune supports all the new cards and fixes a few bugs for the older cards. A year-old bug that would not find any accelerator in certain A1200 boards has been fixed, and new options for the new cards have been added.

We could not test this version with ACA1230-28 and ACA1230-42 - please report back. Successfully tested with:
- ACA1230-56
- ACA630-25
- ACA630-30
- ACA620
- ACA1231
- ACA1231LC
- ACA1220
- ACA1232

I have finally found an A1200 board that has the trouble of "could not find ACA card" (would only find card ID $f, which is "no card"). This was actually a software bug that has been in ACAtune since the very first release. V1.7 fixes this bug and finds the accelerator even in those flaky A1200 boards.

The "could not allocate kickstart memory" bug that occured with the ACA1230 is also fixed, but we could only test it with ACA1230-56.


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