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Lordofchaos & amigapd
I've got some acumulated experience writing both menu-based and parser-based text adventure games in BASIC-like languages for 8 and 16 bits computers, including my text adventure games written in AMOS-Pro for the Amiga. In fact, I've been toying with my latest parsing engine this very same evening, right before reading this.
Text-adventuring (both in modern and classic platforms) and Amiga gaming are my favourite hobbys, and I'm glad to know you are considering such projects. Hopefully, they will be finished and mentioned in my work-in-progress web site dedicated to Amiga public-domain text adventures and related tools (provisionally code-named AHAR: Amiga Homebrew Adventure Report ) ... if I ever make it!
My own text adventure project, a game based on the Jhon Carter of Mars universe, is not abandoned, and its parser has improved a lot in the last months... I just need... to get my interest back on it, which I sadly lost time ago in a critical moment due to a combination of disencouraging experiences in several net forums (not exclusively but including Amiga sites) which made me decide to take a break from anything internet related and focus elsewhere.
I hope I'll find the time and motivation back again. In the meanwhile, I haven't got time to get involved with your text-adv projects, but if you think my little games ACS and HHR, can give you any idea, just let me know and I'll happily send you their AMOS-Pro source code.
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