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Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
Overall I think this project could be achievable but would require allocating about 12 months too. The biggest challenge is keeping motivated which is why having small goals helps as you feel you are making progress.

I am hoping to have a good blitz on the Football Manager game this weekend then start my second game which will be a text / graphic adventure - at present I am torn between a Danger Mouse theme game and a Lord of the Rings Fantasy type game. Due to my limited programming skills it will be in AMOS Pro.
Thanks for the advice amigapd and the useful info, time to dig out the old Amos Pro manuals I suppose and get some basics down (AMOS and STOS are the only lanuages I've ever used) As for the sound and music that shouldn't be a problem, I can write music to a decent fairly decent standard these days, the coding was always the barstard to do.

Be sure to keep us folks updated on your projects, I'm certainly interested in seeing how your fantasy type game turns out.

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