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Amiga - how do you store your stuff?

I'm talking from an Emulation point of view here...

I had an AMiga 500 and I had one of those giant glass-like boxes with about 300+ floppies, (ok,,, most were pirated, but some originals) , I guess this may also include non-emulated software too, but i'm mainly focusing on software emulation.

With all the software that we download, games/and or applications, mags etc... one cannot fit on a single Duel Layer disc, as most people who *really* enjoy the Amiga, would probably have at least 1Gig+ easily..

Whats more convient for you for storage of this ? external hard drives, NAS ? or do you actually have multiple discs (single/multiple 4.7/8.4Gig discs).

Also, talking about long term storage too.... (including any backups you may also do)
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