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^Sounds very interesting Djay, would be cool to see a new Amiga product in any shape or form Maybe if you can generate enough interest it can become reality!

Whilst folks are sharing their's the design brief I was working to, way out of my current abilities but I can dream...

A non linear sandbox text/graphic adventure, set in the first person view Based on the Skyrim universe.

* Simple RPG stats system which covers, EXP, Health, Armour rating, Magic etc.

* The player is able to explore the world without the fear of screwing up the game, if a certain item is required for progression the player should Always have the opportunity to return and acquire that item.

* The game world it's self would have a day and night cycle, this would Affect what time certain buildings are open or closed, shops and taverns Etc.

* An inventory system similar to Core Designs "Darkmere", a player can Examine a chest and see its contents displayed via an overlay, items could Then be individually taken and stored.

* To add variety to gameplay there could be several mini games, these games If completed successfully could level the character up.

* A versatile text parser which supports all the common text commands, North, East, Examine, Sleep, Talk about.. Etc.

* Dynamic music and ambient sound tracks that change depending on players location (Similar to Chaos Engine and Shadow Of The Beast)

* One main quest which is story driven and additional optional side quests for score and XP.

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