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During 2011.. i started working on an Tournament style game, using a battle system "borrowed" from Final Fantasy 7

The basic idea is that you choose a character, join a guild and enter battles against various foes, earning rewards such as new swords, spells etc...

The plan was to have a ranking system similar to CoD, where depending on how well you did in the battle you would gain XP.. hidden stats like how long you took to decide what to do, overall battle time even stuff like what buffs you were using decided how much XP you earned...

As you progress you would face harder and harder enemies which would require certain items to beat, if you were unlucky in previous battles you would have to replay battles to get the item

I even thought about stuff like Prestige mode (again from CoD) and an online scoretable, where players could submit a code and this would verify achievements and scores...

What i have so far is very basic, just the battles system in place, with timings for your go and the NPCs go... some calculation is shown on screen.... the basics are in place and other variables can be added really easily as i wrote it with expansion in mind

I had hoped for a graphics artist to come on-board and it also could do with some sound... lol

I have the basic gameplay elements all written down and planned out

Its shame it went to nothing as i was finding the problem solving aspect of coding quite fun


I have also had in mind something similar to an off-line (of course) world of warcraft, using a zelda type view point...
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