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Happy Skweek discussions with Laurent Arditi (was: IPad/Iphone owners, HOL needs you)

First, you can't hide, I have noted the names of all those volunteered for the Amiga emulator:

Anyway, there is apparently a version of Skweek for the Iphone/Ipad. Here is a video (please lower the sound volume because after a while the guy shouts):

From the video, it seems really similar to the original, so I believe it can count as a conversion.

So can one of you try it and confirm that. While you are at it, can you take a screenshot from the title screen and one in-game, so that we can make a DBS for the conversion screenshot section.

The game is free apparently. Here is a link to the itunes link (click on the game "cover"):

Thank you in advance

PS: Don't try to visit the other pages of the above site, there is nothing that makes sense, just some mix of techical and corporate babblings. Well, you can visit to laugh a bit, but don't waste too much time to try to understand what is written or you will get a headhache

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