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The release 0.72 Beta is out !

Available to download at

What's new ?

-Fixed the "Return where you was before" function that was always going back to the first listing when exiting a game. (Thanks to vjkaos for the bug report )
-Now when pressing "DEL" during the init don't launch Xbench but start the Workbench. Really useful if you want to put X-bEnCh in your startup-sequence. To do so replace the line:

in your startup-sequence by this two ones:

cd yourharddrive:xbpath/
execute >nil: xbench.exe
After that your Amiga will always start on X-bEnCh but if you press the "DEL" key during the startup, it will start your Workbench instead of X-bEnCh.

@Attila06: Thanks man for your return
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