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Simon S
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I had DirectX 8.1 and it failed as described above. I've installed DirectX 9 and the same problem occured. However I can now Alt-Tab out of WinUAE, but unfortunatly still no response in the emulator itself.

I've never had keyboard problems of any kind before.

This is my latest log:
WinUAE 0.8.22, Release 4
(c) 1995-2001 Bernd Schmidt - Core UAE concept and implementation.
(c) 1998-2002 Toni Wilen - Win32 port, core code updates.
(c) 1996-2001 Brian King - Win32 port, Picasso96 RTG, and GUI.
(c) 1996-1999 Mathias Ortmann - Win32 port and bsdsocket support.
(c) 2000-2001 Bernd Meyer - JIT engine.
(c) 2000-2001 Bernd Roesch - MIDI input, many fixes.
Press F12 to show the Settings Dialog (GUI), Alt-F4 to quit.
End+F1 changes floppy 0, End+F2 changes floppy 1, etc.
CLOCKFREQ: RDTSC 1332.97MHz (busy) / 1333.29MHz (idle)
Testing MM-timer resolution:
0.85ms 0.86ms 1.06ms 1.02ms 0.96ms 1.02ms
Testing Sleep() resolution:
4.10ms 0.68ms 5.04ms 5.02ms 5.06ms 4.00ms
Using MultiMedia timers (resolution < 2.5ms)
NATMEM: Our special area is 0x11000000
shmget of size 65536 for rtarea

It's a really impressive emulator and I can live with the earlier versions, but I don't want to miss out on all the great improvements. I think it's been since the "Input" tab appeared in configurations that I've had this problem.
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