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Jens and his work

Hello everyone I'm just a new guy around here but have been with my 500 since 1987.Use it most days.
I just read this whole forum and am thrilled to say the least.
My day wasn't looking too bright then bam Jens first post (in this thread) and I'm flying.
Wow....OK wow again.
Are we just the luckiest guys on the planet to have people like Jens out there working away for us and getting results.
Man if I could just do something for you Jens to show my appreciation.
I'm starting by buying 2 of everything I need at these prices we really just cant loose even if this time around its a dud the point is to keep him in the game and we all win.
Hopefully some of you guys out there will see my point and do something similar....... I can really use more days like today.
Once again a very big Thank-you Jens to you and yours.
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