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Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
In this day and age, i feel the Amiga is slipping away into obivion.

Even though today, allot of history is re-made like Another World, Monkey Island series games, Giana Sisters, for the ipad,, (most are remakes, and i have to sadly say, there better in every way), this kinda slowly says "The Amiga is still a great machine, this thise older games can"t be remade due to copyright etc", but the games that are, i prefer these *new* ones over the old Amiga ones.

Slowly, i thnk this "trend" will slowly seep in, and eventually, the Amiga will become"a thng of the past"' even though not all will be available... As there are just some good stuff on the Amiga, that will NEVER hit the iPad, but what will happen, when you start thinking your beloved iPad is more fun than the Amiga?

And it will come .... Only time will tell.
Amiga isn't slipping into oblivion at all.

A cursory search on Google will tell you that much.

I have a PS3 and a Wii and a fairly powerful-ish PC. All of them can do games the Amiga couldn't remotely dream of.

However, a lot of modern stuff whilst polished and lovely to look at, rarely has much soul to it.

Without multiplayer, COD wouldn't be the phenomenon it is, crappy AI is hidden by the fact that most of the games are played against humans.

I can still play an Amiga game today and enjoy it as I can a PS3 game.
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