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Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I've spent close to 20 years "keeping up with the times" on PCs, both in my professional life and as an avid gamer. Yes, I've had some wonderful times with PC games, particularly with games from Bethesda (Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim) as well as the two Witcher games. And 18 years after I boxed up my Amiga 500 and placed it in the attic, this summer I've brought it back down and booted it right up, because the games of the past which I'm replaying (Eyes of the Beholder I and II, Ultima series, and Forgotten Realms series) have a charm which modern games seldom match. It's the same reason I often prefer old movies, such as George Pal movies or anything by Ray Harryhausen, over newer movies with fancy special effects but empty characters and stories. Not to mention the dozens of Amiga games which I missed but are now available by download (legally). And given that I'm in my latter third of my life, I doubt I will get through them all before I go to that big Amiga in the sky.

I really, REALLY hope the Amiga isn't slipping away into oblivion. And seeing the activity on this board, as well as enhancements being developed (e.g. ACA500/ACA1220, and the Zeus68K) I'm very optimistic for the future of Amiga.
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