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Best games for Mattel Intellivision that I've never seen the likes of anywhere else

3. Vectron. Weird. Just weird. An almost completely abstract game. Far too hard, but otherwise atmospherically compelling just from a "what the hell is going on" point of view. I have been inspired lately by the idea of what I now call a "pure game" that contains no reference to reality whatsoever.
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2. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The sheer tension that game managed to create with its limited graphics was unbelievable.
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What you don't hear on the video is the guy going "shit shit oh shit" as he runs away from stuff (although he is playing the easiest mountain there). The best bit is you can hear the bad guys before you can see them, so you know they're around somewhere.

1. Space Spartans. I imagine it could be done in Elite-style 3D. Also gets really really tense when you start getting in over your head.
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