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Noob reporting in

Hi all,

I've an Amiga 500 with extra RAM hand soldered into it still boxed in the loft but I'm more interested in emulation these days ;-)

I have some questions, if someone would be so kind enough to answer:

a. I'm running e-uae on Linux Mint 13 but have problems with the sound in that it's very choppy plus the performance isn't that great. I've turned of all the compositor stuff and am running "Gnome" desktop (not Mate etc) I'm running it on a 2GHz dual core laptop (HP Elitebook 6930p) so I'm assuming I have enough grunt to run this. I've run WinUAE before on Windows and it's a lot better experience - is there any way of getting uae running nicely on Linux?

b. Is there a better emulator for Linux than e-uae?

c. For uae (e-uae), how do I set up the HDD? Is there an image file for HDD (lha?)

I'm off to try xfellow. Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

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