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Thanks TCD things are REALLY GOING GOOD !!!!

I have for example reverse engineered the file format used by ambermoon, and thanks god, it's really easy.

Just to name a few things, i have already corrected for this french release to come,
the annoying bug of Luminor Tower 3, you know the bug as stated here :

" 4) LUMINOR's TOWER 3 - Typo in script. Text on the door to Valdyn. Causes parser to crash ( 2Map_texts.amb)

The actual latest english release HAS the bug STILL And the french release NOT
The typo has been corrected, and as such i won't be troubled (not forgetting that since i know exactly how the offsets work in the files, i can work also with the german release, which doesn't have the bug

I have done also some re-insertion of the text in french with Meynaf tool, and it works indeed very nicely, amazing to see the grand-dad speaking in french

I have translated something like 25% of the game so wish me good luck

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