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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
Great work however i'd prefer a nicer looking frontend, perhaps with a graphic of the game that's being chosen or what game type you are listing.

Or maybe i'm used to Gamebase lol
This feature is in mind but not for today nor for tomorrow. To many things to do before.
I don't know what is Gamebase sorry

Originally Posted by subone View Post
The Cli is now working with my low res (640x256) and "Disabled lists" arent diplayed ... that's cool .
That's a good news ! Hope it will work for every body

Originally Posted by vjkaos View Post
Please no, it's fine as it is. I prefer to play a game instead of looking at screenshots of games .
This will probably be added as an option don't be afraid

Originally Posted by vjkaos View Post
I noticed a little bug, when you quit a game/demo started from the second list it returns to the first list instead of going back to de game/demo started from the second list.
Damn ... You're right. I will fix that as soon as possible

Thanks you all for your returns. I will do my best to update and fix all i can for the nexts releases
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