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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
Great work however i'd prefer a nicer looking frontend, perhaps with a graphic of the game that's being chosen or what game type you are listing.
Please no, it's fine as it is. I prefer to play a game instead of looking at screenshots of games .


Thanks for the update! I noticed a little bug, when you quit a game/demo started from the second list it returns to the first list instead of going back to de game/demo started from the second list.

Originally Posted by subone View Post
Hi JimNeray,
Is it possible to launch X-bench at startup without loading Workbench ?
How : startup-sequence or thanks to a boot selector ?
This is my Xbench startup-script:

; X-Bench Startup

C:SetPatch QUIET

Cd Work:Xb
Execute >NIL: XbEnCH.exe
I start this script (with GetMouseInput) by holding the right mouse button at bootup or selecting it from a bootmenu (BootGrio) when I hold my leftmouse at bootup.

BootGrio and GetMouseInput are both available from Aminet.

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