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Your dislike of specific genres will serve you ill. I have an anecdote that may help:

For as long as I can recall, I've detested those kinds of RPGs that present combat as turn-based, where the rest of the game is realtime movement based. The most common of these are Japanese RPGs, such as the abysmal Final Fantasy games and a whole swathe of others. I dislike their art style (let's face it, the only reason you'd put large eyes on a busty female dressed in a school uniform is to appeal to the paedophiles), and I dislike their god-awful storytelling with their dull conversations which require you to press a button to advance one pageful of mindless drivel at a time.

A while ago, I was trawling my ROM lists for a game to play. On a whim, I decided that I'd give an RPG a try, and settled on Earthbound. A lot of fuss was made over this game some time ago, and because of the reasons laid out above I'd never really considered it. Well, it couldn't hurt to try it just for a few minutes, no?

I was still playing it four hours later. It was fantastic. It prompted me to try other more serious jRPGs and take them more seriously. They were just as bad as I'd imagined though, so the genre is still tainted for me. But if I hadn't taken the chance, I'd never have found this amazing little gem of a game in amongst all that disturbing garbage of a genre.

To that end, give the RPGs and Strategy games a try. If what you say is true, then I suspect you've never given Carrier Command (or F/A-18 Interceptor) a fair crack of the whip; what do you have to lose by firing it up and devoting a couple of hours this weekend to it?

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