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As far as I understand you have no data on the card that you need to keep.
If the partition shows up in workbench, and you don't have any data on it, just go ahead and quick format it and that should be it, as long as it is partitioned the way you want it.
(Using separate partitions for system and data makes a lot of sense though.)

The KINGSTON and UAE-IDE entries you see are not devices found by hdtoolbox, they are drive definititions stored on your boot volume (install3.1 floppy).
Delete them, or something else on the floppy, read config again, and there should be enough space to store the new drive definitions.

Nice to know for later: If you are sure to select the correct definitions file, you can just select it instead of reading it again from the card, but I wouldn't do that in this case..

Daxb: Thanks, didn't know that either. Good stuff!

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