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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
But be aware that you need to exit WHDLoad for the saves to be written. If you save and then reboot the save is lost..
Already learnt that the hard way a few days back with Cannon Fodder. Ah well, that'll teach me.

I wiped my CF to put Classic Workbench on, and I can add it as a hard drive in WinUAE, but when I boot I can't seem to see it anymore. If I boot with a Workbench disk in to try and format it, it doesn't see anything there when I use HDtoolbox. The icon already has uaehf.device entered - actually, all the settings are the same as when I was fiddling with Workbench a few days ago which is why I can't figure it out.

It's proper doing my head in, was working a few days ago but now it's just vanished. Anyone have any ideas how I can get it back? I've been using EaseUS to unformat the card, or create a blank partition, I know this has worked previously but I'm just getting nothing now. Even more infuriating is that I actually started installing Classic Workbench a few days ago but decided to come back to it when I had more time, wish I'd just sat it out back then!
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