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Don't worry about warranty: I don't play close by the (law-)book, but by fairness. THis includes:

- full two-year warranty
EU laws require:
One year warratny, then a reversal of the burden of proof for a second year. In practise, this means that within the first year, it is assumed that the unit was faulty from the factory, and during the second year, the customer must prove that the defect was already present from the factory (which is essentially not possible for the average user).

iComp warranty is two years:
This means the most practical and uncomplicated solution: If you don't tinker on the unit or do anything stupid like inserting it the wrong way or in the wrong place, you can always come to me and have the unit repaired for free. Warranty is handled through your reseller, and should the reseller not be there any more for some reason, you can claim warranty directly.

iComp warranty is transferrable: This means that the warranty is not tied to the first owner, but to the unit. Some companies only give warranty to the first owner, which I find unfair and highly questionable about legality of this practise.

That said, there are some cases where you still have to pay something, and that's if you send your unit back and it's found to be perfectly functional. Ever since I've been in this business, I've had customers who send back their stuff a few weeks before the warranty runs out. Funny error descriptions or no error description at all, along with a proof of purchase that has a date on it with "almost no warranty any more" are pretty strong indicators for such a case. I've even had lawsuits in the past years about the cost that these cases cause, and I've won all of them. These cases have gotten far less, and I trust that you guys don't play this kind of game.

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