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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
That video isn't really all in 16 colors, is it? I am confused, but does anyone have the email address of the person who created that video? I would like to contact him to get some of his ideas on my own A1200 w/A1260 & SCSI controller w/256mb Fast RAM. He has a very nice looking setup on his A1200 w/ACA1256 and it seems to run very fast.

I want to duplicate some things he has done on my own A1200.
I know the one that made that video very well .
You can PM anything and yes, all is with 16 colors and Rebel's palette, some patches and PeterK's icon library. Really it goes fast as thunder , but now it looks a little better, with a nice SongFace and small things. I will make a video as soon as I'll have a Cf to use as HD.
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