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Originally Posted by Marcuz View Post
I liked Xenon II much more
The Bitmap Brothers' finest hour. I really liked the way you could see all your upgrades. It felt so good to finally get everything at once, so your ship was like half the width of the screen. Although I'd have preferred more variety in the music. It was one of the common failings of Amiga games, to have a single piece of music playing all the way through. However impressive the mod, it gets boring very quickly. At least you got sound effects at the same time.

Sorry, I think I just accidentally criticised Battle Squadron there as well.

Also the Bitmap Brothers never seemed to bother with hardware sprites (either that or they always used the same palette for the sprites as for the backgrounds, for some reason) and the frame rates were never that smooth. You can actually see on the Youtube longplay that it must be less than 25fps. Still a good game despite all this.
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