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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
Jens, I think I speak for many here when asking this, as i'm starting to get worried in terms of warranty etc:

I still currently have no way of seeing the product working because none of my displays will accept the settings supplied on the shipped firmware.

If this software arrives after a year from my date of purchase (which would then be out of the statutory 12 month warranty for us Europeans) will i still be able to get a refund or replacement if i then discover it's faulty?

I'm not willing to return my product only to have to pay more to purchase it again when the software comes out, but I'd like to know if you will honour an extended warranty from the date you do release the config tools?
I would not think that Individual Computers and Jens would ever be a company or person I would ever worry about receiving warranty work from, or returning a product that was faulty. I do not know exactly when the IndivisionAGA Mk2 was first released for sale, but I doubt it could have been more than a few weeks ago. Maybe I am wrong and it has been out longer, but I still think that it is too early to see this much concern from the owners that the firmware is not working properly. If I am going to trust anyone to complete the required firmware, or accept returns of hardware that does not work properly and will not work properly in the future, I would trust Jens to follow through and deliver a solid product. Just look at his track record and decide for yourself.

Have some patience and trust. I know of no one who has any reason to distrust Jens and his company of Individual Computers. Distrust and complaints without giving him the time needed to provide the required fix, will only discourage him from continuing to produce and sell future gear for our beloved Amiga computers.
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