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By the way, in the first fixed version I posted, I had also changed a few details in how Grafx2 saves all IFF files.
The "pageWidth" and "pageHeight" (Which caused DP to ask if you want to change resolution) are now set to the image dimensions, but I'm not convinced it's better. If you open a 16x16 sprite in DP, will it propose to enter a 16x16 graphic mode ?

Masking with Transparent color number (masking mode 2) is supported. If you save a sprite in grafx2 that is drawn over color #12 for example, and you've set
- transparent color = 12
- background transparent : yes
I think that if you open it as a brush in DP, it should set the right pixels as transparent. No promise, but at least the IFF has all the info for DP to make the right decision.

The aspect ratio is saved: If you're in tall pixel or wide pixel graphic modes, grafx2 will save a ratio of 2:1 or 1:2. Not sure if any Amiga program uses this piece of info from the IFF file, but at least it's there. Grafx2 will recognize it when you re-open the file, and switch to tall or wide pixels accordingly.
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