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Toni Wilen
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I think calling c:assign is too ugly solution..

assign dismount: internally calls RemDosEntry() which is as simple as:
    dl = DeviceNode head
        struct DosList *dl2 = BADDR(dl->dol_Next);
        if(dl2 == dlist)
	    dl->dol_Next = dlist->dol_Next;
	dl = dl2;
(Forbid state required of course)

You should first find the correct device node and then exit the loop because doslist may have changed and "DeviceNode = (struct DeviceNode *)BADDR(DeviceNode->dn_Next) ;" may access random memory.

It is not safe to scan doslist without forbid state. (and forbid in this code would be broken anyway during packet calls)

But I don't think this is the cause for crash.
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