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SWIV is amazing, no doubt of it.

I dont like the design and specially weapon design on Disposable Hero. Its a game which doesnt hook.

As much as I like Dan/Anarchy coding skills, Blastar seems like a rush of routines released before anyone care about them.. but unconnected and unexciting. A pity.

Respect Blood Money,.. well I NEVER liked the fucked intro. Crap techno-crap tune and too long to skip.
Having said that, the game is too difficult and too long. ( shorter stages would benefitted ) and too sensitive to collisions, making energy bar desintegrate in a way that simply is no funny at all.

Having said that,.. the game is far from amateur.. Menace is amateurish, but BloodMoney is a good programming job. Just with some lame decisions in the gameplay department.

Have you checked C64 version of BloodMoney? it is very addictive!! is much more fair and playable.. and feels faster. Recommended!!
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