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Originally Posted by mikebRG View Post
SWIV arrived 2 years later, but I think that has aged badly compared to BS, especially in the visual/colour palette department. Then off the top off my head I don't think there was anything as impressive until Banshee, which was a much higher-spec A1200 game, 5 years later.
Are you kidding me? SWIV aged badly? WTF? Both games are awesome, but let's compare:

SWIV is 16 colours, Battle Squadron is 32. I actually think the graphics in SWIV are better even with less colours. The Predator effect in BS was (and still is) amazing.

SWIV runs at 25fps and occassionally drops lower when there's mayhem like the stealth fighters. Battle Squadron scrolls and updates the player at 50fps, 25fps for everything else.

Sprite-wise, SWIV is impressive with a huge number of bullets on-screen at the same time. Almost all bullets in SWIV are multiplexed sprites. Battle Squadron couldn't achieve the same because the player graphics are sprites which allows it to run faster.

Variety-wise for me, SWIV beats Battle Squadron. The landscape is more varied and the regular huge guardians are more impressive.

In the sound departments, both games are fantastic. Hard to say one is better than the other.

Playability-wise they're also both great.

For me personally, I think SWIV is the better game but not by much. Both are fantastic. I just find it incredible that someone could say that SWIV has aged badly! If SWIV had been released in 2012, it would still be impressive!
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