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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
It will never be as fast as an asm core, so its unfair to compare the two.

Try adjusting the cpu speed, from max to 50%. Messing with this option will help. The only side effect is, when lots of stuff is on screen it can slow a little.

I have tweaked it further with the source Im currently still working on.
I think its alot better than Beta 13. I have changed alot of things and tweaked alot of stuff. Its also updated and compiled on the latest PSP toolchain.
I meant no disrespect. As I said earlier, a PSP is not a GP2x. They have different hardware, and different sources. I don't expect them to behave exactly the same. My comparison is purely to help others that may be curious about how well a PSP can emulate the Amiga, at least with the minimum amount of effort. Tweaking it will improve things considerably and I'm still trying to find the right settings

I'll mess with settings a little more in the next few days and if things improve considerably, I'll post an update.

Any idea as to when the next version may be coming out?
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