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Originally Posted by Radertified View Post
I set the following options and now Turrican 2, while still jerky and performs nowhere near as well as the GP2x emulator, is a little more playable Kid Gloves is also almost perfect, with the occasional slowdown.

I also tried Tearaway Thomas and that struggles a little and flickers at times, but overall is playable too.

Amiga -> CPU
CPU: 68000
Cycles: Turbo
Cycles Option: Un-Locked
Speed: max

Amiga -> Chipset
Blitter Cycle Exact: OFF
Immediate Blits: ON
Collision Mode: Playfields
Chipset: OCS
Sound Emulation: Normal

Amiga -> RAM
Chip: 512kb
Bogo: 512kb
Fast: None

Amiga -> Kickstart

Amiga -> Drives Config
Floppy Speed: Turbo

PSP -> Display
Direct VRAM Access: ON
Frameskip: AUTO
I also set circle to be SPACE instead of the default of middle mouse button because it's much handier for gaming. My Amiga's mouse never had a middle mouse button

I'll continue to fiddle with it, but I'll also continue to hope for faster emulation in future

Thanks FOL!
It will never be as fast as an asm core, so its unfair to compare the two.

Try adjusting the cpu speed, from max to 50%. Messing with this option will help. The only side effect is, when lots of stuff is on screen it can slow a little.

I have tweaked it further with the source Im currently still working on.
I think its alot better than Beta 13. I have changed alot of things and tweaked alot of stuff. Its also updated and compiled on the latest PSP toolchain.
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