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Originally Posted by lolof View Post
Just to report :

I am trying to take the opportunity given in this thread to send back the indivision mk2 to amigakit and get refund as this card is not usable for me and that the tools are not coming.
I wrote a message to amigakit support 10 days ago with a link of this thread with what jens said about refund. Until now I got no reply !!!
So, is this possibility accepted by the reseller ???
AmigaKit has moved to a new building and they're only back up and running since a few days. All support tickets have been answered, according to Matthew Leaman. If you have sent an eMail without using the support ticket system, it might have been caught in the spamfilter. I'm sure that AmigaKit will accept your return, as I in turn accept the return from AmigaKit.

The offer is still standing and will remain until the flashtool is available. At this point, I will only be able to publish screenshots of the tool, but there is no FPGA core that makes use of the config data, so it'll still take some time until you will be able to make use of the tool.

I can totally understand that you're not willing to wait any longer. I have written a separate eMail to AmigaKit so they will arrange your product return in time.

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