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Intro ;)

Hi everyone,
So I won't tell you all my life but I'm an owner of 2 amigas 1200 one with a 1230 Blizzard and one plain A1200, 2 amigas 500 one with a MC68010 GVP HDD and 9MB of RAM and A plain 500 with 1MB and a HxC Floppy emulator. 2 C64 and Ulitmate II unit for them. 3 Megadrives and a MD Everdrive, I have also 2 Sega Mega CD but unfortunately by mistake i fried them using a wrong PSU , 2 SNES and 2 Gamegears. I'm looking now for a C128 and an Atari ST(e) but I'm rather a Commodore guy . I think that's all.
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