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Originally Posted by SuperNashwan View Post
Whoever banned Gibs really needs to get over themselves.

He was developing a great piece of software. He's passionate about what he does. Someone pissed him off so he had a go at them. So what?

He deserves an apology and and his account reinstated. Although if I were him I'd never look at EAB again.

A real shame as in the few months I've been a member here it seems to have been a decent, productive place. Was hoping this would be sorted out sensibly. Instead it's actually embarrassing.
For those who may have missed the events leading up to Gibs' banishment from EAB, here is a brief summary:

Gibs was banned for a month following repeated warnings about his sniping at JimNeray whenever a new version of his X-bEnCH launcher is released.

We cut him some slack because of his sterling work on Tiny Launcher, but he nevertheless carried on firing insults at JimNeray whenever the opportunity arose.

So, on the contrary, it is Gibs who has caused all the embarrasing incidents and who needs to get over himself.

Let's hope he's more focussed when he returns.
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