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Thanks for the responses. You've all been very helpful

I installed the Pro C fix 3 CFW and my obvious first step was to try Amiga emulation. I grabbed PSPUAE 0.80 Beta 13 and tried it with 3 games (the same 3 games I always use to test Amiga emulation):

- Turrican 2 - Very slow and jerky. The auto frameskip causes many frames to be skipped, thus makes it virtually unplayable.
- Kid Gloves - Slightly better than Turrican 2, but still jerky unfortunately.
- Rick Dangerous - Works well, surprisingly!

I'm a little disappointed with the performance as I'm used to playing UAE4ALL on a friends GP2x, which works phenomenally. I was hoping for something like that. With that said, it is understandable. A PSP is not a GP2x. They are not developed by the same authors. And as I understand it, UAE4ALL on the GP2x uses an ASM core while PSPUAE does not.

It's a letdown, but I guess that's just how things have to be until an ASM core is used in PSPUAE.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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