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My Projects in Amos Pro

Hi All,

In line with this thread I want to let yours know About my in course Developments Projects made in Amos Pro.

The time to finish theys are unknown some are 30%,50% and 80% Finish jet but really I canĀ“t say when and how I want to share.

Now here its some pics about this projects are.

all projects gonna be labelled by my own seal Amiten Software inc.

Name: FishV2
Type: ability
Machine: Amiga OCS/ECS

This Game its near to finish and I think its probably the first I Let Go To the Public but not sure.

Name: AmivaniaV3
Style: platforms/Action
Machine: Amiga OCS/ECS

Here is The most difficult challenge I have set / gonna take long time to finish but some day....

Style: Action
Machine: Amiga OCS/ECS

This one its 80% finish but need news SpaceShip sprites because now uses the konamis nemesis ones waiting for an gfx artist make new ones for complete the game and get original design.

the game intro its made by HJPZ117 an 3d artist collaborated leaving use his motion 3d intro convert from his 3d animation and give to the game a profesional touch.

Ok hope you like my Developments and one day We can play this titles all made in Amos Pro who still impress me ease and how powerful is only AGA its not support native but still give me hours and hours of Fun...

Best Regards to all , thanks for all support from the people who send me emails and for all the amiga comunity.

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