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Originally Posted by Bishmanrock View Post
5. Anyone have any experience with this: I saw a few people were still getting flickering when using the DVI-I output. As there's no reviews for the product I just wanted to see what the general consensus was. Also kinda interested into just how crowded a A1200 case will get with that inside too?
The Indivision AGA Mr2 is a great bit of hardware, the problem is the software is not quite there yet. When the software to configure it is eventually released it will be a must have. If you've got the money then buy one now before they are all gone!

Mine is running well even without the software update -> [ Show youtube player ]

Some users have got flicker and other issues, it depends on your monitor I guess.

They fit quite nicely in the case with Kipper's HDMI output (after you remove your RF) but you will not be able to mount a 2.5" HD using the standard cradle.

Also make sure you check out Classic Workbench which has WDLOAD etc all setup for you.
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