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A harddrive or CF card should at least have two partitions. One (usually the first one) for the operating system (boot partition) and a second for (in your case) games.

If a game is installed to harddrive it usually saves its data to it. I never needed a floppy for that.

The position for icons on workbench are saved to itself. I.e. gameX has an icon file "". The icon will hold the position information. If there is no icon, nothing is saved.

In the workbench menu there is a point what saves current positions. Don`t know how it is named.

Floppy games what are in DOS format usually have an icon and it will be shown if insert. Other formats will just show a NoDOS disk icon and can`t start from workbench. To start this NoDOS games you have to instert the floppy and re/-start the Amiga.
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