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Couple of daft questions about upgrading

Now then. I'm looking for some advice from a few people who have built their Amiga's up and what sort of direction I should go with mine.

A little history: My childhood consisted of an Amiga 1200, no harddrive, just pure gaming, so pretty much no experience with Workbench. As such, my sole focus is using it for games with minimal fuss as possible (although I'm technical minded, so I'm more than happy to fiddle around with things to get it to that state).

Fast forward: about a year ago I set it up with an internal 4gb CF harddrive with Workbench, and a 4gb CF in the PCMCIA slot to load games via WHDload. I like it, it works, although I miss the vintage feel of loading disks (of which I still have boxes laying around).

The whole thing ground to a halt though when trying to load Shadow of the Beast one day though, so I bought a Blizzard 1220 card and haven't had a single issue since.

So, as someone who has had a fleeting glimpse of Workbench following a guide online, but doesn't really understand the full potential, I'm trying to figure out a couple of things. So pre-warning: a couple of daft questions may follow.

1. Regarding my current set up. If I formatted the CF card into just a blank partition, would games recognise this blank harddrive as a store they could save to or not?

2. Off the back of that question, just how many Amiga games actually support harddrive saving? I seem to remember an awful lot asking for save disks to be inserted as a kid. Would this be a potential issue in the future if I made it just a pure gaming set up?

So the above two questions assume I'm going to ditch WHDLoad and go the physical media route, something I'm undecided on right now. Assuming I stick with WHDLoad:

3. Did I set something up wrong the first time? Every time I boot my Amiga up, I need to select "Show all icons" and then "Sort" because all the icons are everywhere. Should I need to do this every time? (This applies for both files on the "harddrive" CF and the external one.) It's a right pain!

4. Very noob question, but my floppy drive has conked out so I have no way of checking. To play games from disk, when you insert it does an icon just appear on the workbench desktop or something? I seem to remember trying before and got nothing, but my drive might've been failing back then so I'm not too sure.

I'm sure there's more questions, but it appears I've already written a wall of text so I'll leave it here now. Basically, I'm trying to decide wether I should stick with how I used my Amiga as a kid, or embrace WHDLoad. I'd appreciate any feedback from people who use theirs purely as gaming rigs. I'm leaning towards WHDLoad, it's just the having to prat about with Workbench and rearrange windows that gets on my wick.

Was also considering getting the tower case from Amikit, mostly because I'm limited for deskspace as it stands, and because it'll give me something to do!

Sorry for the hoard of questions, I'll stop now! Thanks in advance
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